Upcoming Ride | Memorial Day, 5/29 – 9AM @Tenney Park

  • Party pacing averaging about 12-14mph. There is no sweep on this ride, you are responsible for yourself so be prepared and know where you are going.
  • This is a self-supported ride. You are responsible for yourself and your bike. Please bring a flat kit and tools if you get into a pickle. Not all bikes are the same so know what you need. If you need help there are a number of great local bike shops that can guide you in what to bring.
  • Roads are dirty AF still so be careful of glass and debris on the road. Call it out if there is something in the way.
  • Lights on your bike are nice to have. Often you could be riding back to your home in the dark so be prepared.
  • Make sure your tires have proper tire pressure and your chains are cleaned and lubed. This is regular stuff people should be doing with their bikes. Don’t know what I’m talking about, come ask me and I can help you or swing into your local bike shop again. They know what they are doing, let them help.
  • Wear whatever you feel like wearing but dress for the weather and wear a helmet.
  • Ride your ride. If people are going too fast or too slow for you, totally okay. Ride your speed, cut out if you want to. Do what you are comfortable with. It’s your ride, enjoy it the way that you want to. Just don’t be a jerk.
  • For 2023, there will no longer be the femme-only ride on the last Monday of the month. I aim to make each ride comfortable for all genders and welcome everyone each Monday. There will be some ad hoc femme-only rides still, just not on Mondays so be on the lookout for posts regarding those rides. Still bummed? Check out the Tuesday night Madison Women’s Cycling Club, they are a good bunch!
  • Post rides hangs will be at Working Draft until the Olbrich Biergarten opens (if it opens, not sure what is going on with the Atwood construction and them this summer)


  • You are responsible for yourself.
  • Be prepared. Know the route and be prepared if your bike breaks. Carry what you would need to fix a flat on your bike.
  • Show up with air in your tires. It’s good practice to check your tire pressure at least once a week.
  • Wear a helmet. You only get one brain and hitting the pavement with your head is not good.
  • No mansplaining. No one enjoys unsolicited advice. If people want your advice they will ask for it. Unless it is an absolute safety concern, bite your tongue and keep your opinions to yourself.
  • Feel free to break from the group if you need to. Ride your ride and do what’s enjoyable for you.
  • Be vocal. Let other riders know what’s coming. Call out when riders or cars are approaching, if you are slowing, or stopping. Rider up, rider back, car back, car up, car left, car right, slowing, stopping, potholes, debris in the way, etc.

No douchebags please, this isn’t a race and dumb shit won’t be tolerated. Also, again, there is no mansplaining and that nonsense will be called out. We want to encourage people to ride, not scare them away with insecurities. No harassing other riders and if you make other people uncomfortable I reserve the right to tell you to get bent and leave. Please ride safely and be respectful of pedestrians and drivers.

Faster riders are free to move on and ride at their own pace in a respectful manner, we don’t need to stick to a group. We do not ride recklessly or blow through red lights. We are not in a race and we are not KOM hunting. Save that shit for when you are riding on your own if that’s what you’re into.

Rolling up State St on April 18, 2021. Pic by Connor Polydoroff @c_poly

Items to bring:

  • A functioning bike
  • Helmet
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Lights (front and back)
  • Flat repair kit (spare tube, tire levers, CO2 or pump, tube patches, tool)
  • Good vibes
  • ID and money if you want food and drinks after the ride

*Ride at your own risk. Please be cautious and respectful of your fellow riders, pedestrians, and drivers. By attending the Monday 40 you take responsibility for yourself and can’t blame anyone for the outcome of your ride.

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