House Gravel

Dust, Fresh Grading, Gas Station Saviors. Welcome to House Gravel.


There is a different lingo for gravel riding and a system to categorize different gravel, what?! Venturing out on the roads less traveled, minimum people in sight, a cooler on the side of the road with water and some essentials. Supporting yourself for miles upon dusty miles, there’s something special and empowering about knocking out those days in the saddle.

With the explosion of gravel racing in the last few years, there is no shortage of amazing gravel races out there. Ride your bike in some of the most scenic places, and travel to remote areas you might otherwise never venture to. Grit and grim, it’s House Gravel.

Athletes will be at these races in 2022

  • Rough Road 100
  • Dairy Roubaix
  • The Bear 100
  • Rapha’s Ride Ten Thousand
  • Epic Bike Fest
  • Rule of Three
  • Unbound
  • Flint Hills Gravel Ride
  • Hell of the West
  • Gravel Worlds
  • Wild West Gravel Fest
  • The Filthy 50
  • Moran 166
  • Dirty Kitten
  • And More!
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