House Cyclocross

Cyclocross, CX, Cross, whatever you call it, has come and gone. The Femme 40 Racing team crushed CX in 2021 and had a blast spreading the word on who we are, filled up the women’s field in our local Wisconsin CX Series, and met many amazing supporters and new friends. While we didn’t have team kits for 2021, we rocked matching bandanas and had a team sign at our home base at races to call out who we are. We had an amazing turnout of riders and many of them raced their first-ever season of CX. There were plenty of races where the W4/5 field was composed of over half F40 athletes, how badass!! Cross is tough stuff so major kudos to all who swallowed their nerves and got on the starting line in 2021. Y’all are a bunch of badasses and everyone should be doubly proud of themselves.

Our first dedicated team presence race. Battle of Waterloo. Sept 2021
Badger Prairie Oct 2.2021, photo by Steve Knurr

Battle of Waterloo, Sept 2021, photo by Jake Glahn
Battle of Waterloo, single speeding to 2nd in W4/5
Battle of Waterloo, Sept 2021. Women 4/5 line up
Sun Prairie, Oct 2, 2021. Smashing the Patriarchy one day at a time. Photo by Steve Knurr
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