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Femme 40 Racing kickoff event, August 17, 2021

Hi, I’m Kristin, the founder of the Monday 40. When I started this in early 2021 I had no idea what was to come. It has grown into something more than I could have ever have imagined and so grateful for everyone that has supported this movement. One of our goals is to get more WFTN-B (women, femme, trans, non-binary) folks on bikes and now to take the leap into racing. With a crew of the most badass ladies I know who are true believers and advocates for smashing the patriarchy, we will help whoever is interested. We are here for you and here for it all. Bikes are for everyone so let’s spread the stoke and have a bitchin time doing so.

Curious about taking your riding to the next level? The Femme 40 Race Team can help you get there.

Who we are

The Femme 40 Race Team aims to remove the scaries and unknowns on what it takes to enter the world of bike racing. We have riders from all different disciplines so no matter what interests you have, we can help get you started. Whether you are interested in trying out cyclocross, mountain biking, road racing, crits, triathlons or gravel we got you. We are a Femme team inclusive of WFTN-B (women, femme, trans, non-binary) riders. This is an entry level femme team, so if you are curious or ready to get involved in racing we are here for you.

Huh? Why?

Many of us are curious about racing our bikes and jumping into the deep end but it can be intimidating when you feel like maybe you aren’t ready or don’t belong in the racing scene. We want to create a support system, community and home for femmes at races so you can be comfortable entering the world of bike racing. How to register for races, what are all these different categories?? How to prep your bike for race day, what to pack for yourself, what are some of the rules and terminology, where do we go, did anyone see that sick maneuver?? All great questions. Everyone belongs on that starting line so lets get there together and smash this damn patriarchy while doing it!

The Low Down

We are a group of Cat 3/4/5 femme riders looking to get other femme riders to take the leap into racing their amazing bikes. We aren’t sponsored by anyone, this isn’t associated with a bike shop or other business (although they have been super supportive of the Monday 40). We are just some independents forming this team. We are basic as they come but at least a totally kickass, fun basic. We don’t have fancy matching kits but will have some sweet team bandanas to unite us. Jerseys are being discussed and will be available in 2022. For now, we can’t offer race paybacks like other teams. Racing can be expensive, clubs can be expensive and while not a true hobo race team, we aim to bring the Monday 40 party vibes, team support, comradery, and knowledge to the Femme 40. Like the Monday 40, this team will be a work in progress and hopefully evolves into something amazing.

Femme 40 Leaders

Keely Campbell

Keely (she/her) made her way to Madison by way of Florida and Montana, and is our resident Jill of all trades. She’s dipped a toe in mountain bike racing, gravel racing, and criteriums. She loves the dynamics, shorter explosive efforts, and connection to community spaces that crits offer, the technical skill and fun courses of mountain, and the whole “vibe” of gravel (She can race in a crop top? Sign her up!). Keep an eye out for her intro to cyclocross in 2021.

Keely is a co-coordinator of the Madison Chapter of Radical Adventure Riders and ambassador for the Monday 40. While she wouldn’t consider herself overly competitive, she loves the atmosphere of bike racing and the opportunity it gives folks to connect and push themselves in ways they may not in other settings. Plus, exploring and learning about different types of gear at races is super fun! Keely is S T O K E D to develop and nurture a community of FTW (femme, trans, women) racers that is accessible, welcoming, and supportive, and that prioritizes nurturing our bodies and having fun. When asked to describe how she felt about launching Femme 40 Racing, she responded “YEEHAW!”

Anne Schwarzwalder

Anne is our resident pavement ambassador. She races all things road: crits, road races, time trials – with a few triathlons on the side to keep up her love of swimming. She’s been a competitive swimmer since she was 5 years old, so hit her up for water advice! 

Anne is also the Vice Pres & Women’s Coordinator for Brazen Dropouts. She has a vision for a sick, patriarchy-smashing women’s road squad and loves challenging folks to try hard things and surprise themselves. Get in touch if competitive road cycling is on your bucket list. And yes, you can rep Monday 40 and BD at the same time!

Kristin Zarr

Kristin (she/her) is the founder of the Monday 40 and strong advocate for party pace rides and getting everyone on bikes with a focus on femmes. She first learned about cyclocross (CX) when one of her friends told her about a race they had done at Montrose Beach in Chicago. She was immediately intrigued by what seemed like a chaotic party with bikes. It took a season or two before she got the courage to try it out and needless to say, she hasn’t looked back. Kristin dabbles in gravel, mountain bike and cyclocross racing. Getting dirty and dusty on her bike is her jam. If there’s a race where she has to navigate single track trails for 30 miles by only a GPS computer and is self supported, there is a good possibility she is already signed up.

With the Femme 40 Team she’s hoping to give back to the people that are race curious, might feel out of place and looking to join a community of other femme athletes. We all belong out there so lets take this magical Monday 40 vibe to the starting line, no matter what types of racing you want to try out.

Monthly Social Meetup | Thurs, 12/16

The December social event will be on Thursday, December 16th at 6pm. The location is being firmed up and we will be doing a Q&A session as well. 2022 is quickly approaching and we have lots in the hopper. Hope to see your beautiful faces and be on the lookout for additional details.

Questions? Send an email to femme40racing@gmail.com or find one of us on a Monday night ride.

Our first team centric cyclocross race. We were half the women’s 4/5 field and set a record for number of first time racers. Sept 26, 2021
Femme 40 Racing takes on the Trek World Cup, October 9,2021. What badass boss babes!
Fall Flocker Gravel Ride. Leaf River, IL. 10.10.21
Fall Flocker Gravel Ride. Leaf River, IL. 10.10.21
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