Hi, I’m Kristin, the one behind the Monday 40. In 2020, after Covid hit I was stuck in my apartment working, going to school, and just living my life. I always rode my bike as a way to stay in shape and as an outlet to escape the crazy parts of life, bike therapy, it’s a real thing. My Monday night rides always hit a little differently though. It was a nice way to kick off the week and it turned Mondays into one of the best days of the week. Consistency was key and it always felt good to knock out some miles each Monday night. In April 2021, I decided to see if other people were interested in joining me for some Monday night miles, and the Monday 40 was born.

Through bikes, I’ve met some of the most amazing and inspiring people and I hope with the Monday 40 to do the same for other people by creating a space that is inclusive of all riders. A space that celebrates just getting out and moving each week. I’m looking forward to turning difficult days into great days through biking and finding some peace with some Monday miles. So let’s spread the stoke of bikes and get moving.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin the Monday 40 aims to bring people together either in person or in spirit for a Monday night bike ride. The goal is to ride 20-40 miles but if that distance is not your thing, feel free to ride whatever mileage you are comfortable with. No matter what your fitness level, experience, goals, who you love, or what type of riding you are into, the Monday 40 is for you. Bikes are for everyone so ride your ride, make some new friends, and have a blast.

If you aren’t based in Madison, no problem. Please join in spirit and post your rides on IG with the hashtag #monday40 and tag @monday_40. So makes some routes, grab some friends and ride some miles no matter where you are located.

Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates and pictures. Plus it’s a fun place to connect with other riders but please don’t be a creeper.

You all are amazing and I hope you find some joy through riding bikes. No matter what type of bike you ride, what speed you roll at, or what you choose to wear when riding you belong. Hope to see your beautiful faces for some rides. Woohoo!


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