Monday 40 pit stop in Pheasant Branch Conservatory, pic by Chris Collins (@isthmusportrait) April 19th, 2021

Welcome to the Monday 40, a place for bike people to come together for a party pace ride on Monday nights either in person or in spirit. Ride with a group of people based out of Madison, WI, gather your friends in whichever place you call home, or just do your own thing. It’s all about getting some miles in on what could be argued as the least favorite day of the week.

Ride your ride and what you feel comfortable with. We love bikes and want to ride with other people that love bikes. The goal is to ride around 20-40 miles but feel free to ride a shorter route if you aren’t feeling it and we will meet at the end if you choose to ride on your own. Some of us are packing in long-ass rides over the weekend so a nice 20 miler recovery ride to shake things out has been a better option for people. If you want to ride longer or faster, that’s fine too. We just want to see more people on bikes no matter what your experience, skills level, what you wear, how fast you ride, or how slow you go. Riding belongs to everyone and we welcome all levels and types of riders to join in on the Monday 40.

Oh and this ride is founded by a woman so lets get more femmes on bikes and smash the patriarchy! The last Monday of the month is our femme, WFTN-B (woman, femme, trans, non-binary) only ride, so mark your calendars.

Cap City Trail, July 2021


We will try and change up the route so we aren’t doing the same one each week. Find the route in the Route Collection in Ride with GPS.

Find some peace in the day

Meet new friends, swap stories, get some exercise, have a beverage, relax, enjoy the night

We gather in Orton Park before rollout. We welcome all newcomers, meet our other fellow MOFOs, discuss the route, safety, and other PSA shenanigans.